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The air handler is responsible for the efficient circulation of air through your home. Any problem with the air handler can lead to inefficient cooling and even poor indoor air quality. Top Notch Heating and Air Conditioning provides air handler repair in Bowling Green, KY, and the surrounding areas, as well as air handler replacement and maintenance services. We’ve got the technology, skills, and training to handle your HVAC and air handler needs in the local area.

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Newly Repaired Commercial Air Handler

Common issues that require emergency air handler repair services include frozen coils, blower motor damage, stopped-up drains, and electrical heat strips stuck on.

Frozen coils

Dirty filters, dirty blower wheels, dirty evaporator coils, low refrigerant charge, and failed blower motors or capacitors can all lead to frozen evaporator coils. Our experts can help you thaw your system safely and get your AC running efficiently again without hassle. To avoid frozen coils in the future, it is important to perform proper maintenance and replace your air filter regularly.

Blower motor damage

Have you only recently had an HVAC air handler installation yet you already hear strange noises coming from the air handler? Thumping, rattling, squealing, or other excessive noises can signal an issue with the blower motor. In this case, you will need to turn off your AC and contact us and we will send the right technician for an immediate inspection.

Leaking unit

Over time, the condensate drain line of your AC can get blocked. If this happens, the drain pan may overflow and your AC may shut down. Check for leaks or water pooling on the floor around the air handler. If you notice leaking, contact our experts to have the problem resolved right away.

Electrical Heat Strips stuck on

If your electric bill is higher than normal and your system doesn’t seem to be cooling very well there is a chance your electric heat strips could be running and mixing with your conditioned air. This can be caused by burnt wiring or relays. Sequencers could be stuck closed, or it could be a wiring or thermostat issue.

Your Air Handler’s Important Job

Whether your climate-controlled air is created by a heat pump, furnace, or geothermal unit, that air still has to be distributed throughout your home. Any experienced air handler technician will attest that when something goes wrong with the air handler, your system is producing that comfortable air for nothing, leaving your home at an unpleasant temperature while still running up your utility bills.

Air Handler Maintenance: Extend the Life of Your AC With Routine Services

Our Cool Club maintenance program includes annual AC servicing in the spring. We will inspect your system for potential problems; perform cleaning and basic air handler maintenance to be sure your air handler and whole home comfort system are running in Top Notch condition.

Importance of Air Handler Repair

Prompt air handler repair services help protect your heating and cooling system from complex and potentially expensive issues. They also ensure safe and efficient heating and cooling of your home. Through our array of HVAC services, you can effectively prevent any disruption to your comfort. The air handler repair cost will depend on the severity and complexity of the issue your unit may have.

How to Know Your Air Handler Has Problems

Basically, your air handler consists of ductwork, a fan, a filter, and wiring. That makes it fairly easy to diagnose an issue. If your fan is giving problems, you may notice poor temperature response inside the home, or low velocity of air. It may also make a strange noise or give off a burning odor. Clogged filters will also impact air velocity, or they could rattle into place as the unit kicks on. Finally, you may simply notice that the fan isn’t activating at all if it needs an air handler leak repair procedure.

If you notice any of these signs, your home may need air handler replacement or repairs:

  • No or low airflow
  • Short heating or cooling cycles
  • Tripped breaker
  • Poor air quality

Why Air Handler Maintenance Matters

Because it plays such an important part in your home’s comfort, your air handler should be serviced regularly after an air handler installation. Our Bowling Green team will inspect and clean it and then recommend any repairs that are needed to prevent future breakdowns. During the maintenance visit, our HVAC contractor will check for any problem that could cause a malfunction.

Air Handler FAQs

How Long Do Air Handlers Last?

A well-maintained air handler can last 12-15 years.

When Do I Need to Get a New Air Handler?

We always recommend an air handler installation when replacing your heat pump, or air conditioner.

How Often Does the Air Handler Need a New Filter?

Our 24/7 air handler repair team suggests air filter changes every one to three months.

Do Heat Pumps Use Air Handlers?

Yes, heat pumps use the forced air function of an air handler.

How Often Do I Need Maintenance?

We suggest having tune-ups and safety inspections of your air handler twice a year — one for heating and one for air conditioning.

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