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Are you concerned about indoor air pollutants or allergens affecting the health of your household? Top Notch Heating and Air Conditioning provides quality whole-home air filtration solutions in Bowling Green, KY, and nearby areas. Our team is happy to talk to you about your air filter installation options and help you decide on the best decision for your household.

Give us a call today to discuss your indoor air quality needs and let our Bowling Green, KY, air filtration professionals help you find the best solution for your home.

Why Should Bowling Green, Kentucky, Customers Consider Whole-Home Air Filtration?

Portable Air Filtration Placed in the Kitchen Area

Did you know that the air inside our homes is up to five times worse than the air outside? This is because of the limited air circulation indoors. With everyone breathing in the same air, it’s easier to get sick from other household members.

This is where a whole-home air filtration system can help. It’s designed to work in conjunction with your HVAC system, trapping particles or treating your indoor air so you can breathe easier and enjoy cleaner, healthier indoor air.

If you are interested in learning more about the different options for air filter purifiers, reach out today. Our professional HVAC contractor will take the time to discuss your specific needs and make sure you receive the quality solutions you deserve.

Overcoming Stagnation in Tightly Built Homes

Newer homes are very tightly constructed, with minimal air leakage. That’s great for your utility bills in an area like Bowling Green, where temperatures have a wide range. When it comes to air quality, the inability of your house to “breathe” can actually make it unhealthy.

Let Our Air Filtration Experts Help You Install the Right System for Your Home

We offer energy and heat recovery ventilators that help preserve your energy while removing contaminants from the air. We also go the extra mile and make sure your system runs at peak efficiency through our air filter maintenance services. No matter which type of air filtration system you install, our team is prepared to get the job done right.

Electronic air cleaners

No matter how much contamination your HVAC picks up, it doesn’t run around the clock. We offer whole-home electronic systems that work 24/7 to clear away allergens and contaminants. These are able to trap a variety of indoor allergens as well as mold and bacteria. They can even trap smaller particles such as smoke and pet dander, making them an efficient solution for most households.

Media Air Cleaners

Traditional HVAC filters perform very poorly compared to media air cleaners that capture smaller particles and contaminants than even the best store-bought filters. Much like electronic air cleaners, media air cleaners can capture a number of allergens. Whether you’re dealing with smoke, pet dander, mold, or pollen, our team can provide your family with air filter services that truly clear the air.

Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators

If you live in a newer home, it’s likely that it was constructed to be airtight. This can help prevent air loss, but it can also result in stale air. An energy or heat recovery ventilation system can help add fresh air to your home as well as help with humidity control and provide comprehensive air filtration. We offer air filter replacement and installation services to help with this very issue.

We also offer a wide range of HVAC services, from heating repair and AC installation to emergency HVAC services.

Contact Our Professional HVAC Contractor Today!

Indoor air quality is a big part of our health as well as the cleanliness of our homes. Keeping the air clean takes more than just regular filter changes. Our team provides several different options for improving your home’s air quality. You can count on us to provide the right air filtration solution. Contact us today at (270) 770-2665 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

Call now to schedule a no-obligation assessment and learn more about your options for whole-home air filtration. Serving the complete indoor comfort needs of Bowling Green, KY, and surrounding areas including Alvaton and Auburn.

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