The Real Causes of Air Conditioner Duct Condensation

The Real Causes of Air Conditioner Duct Condensation

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Condensation in your AC ducts may only seem normal due to its cooling functions. But it does have understated effects. Over time it can lead to issues with your AC installation in Bowling Green, KY. It can build up and cause water damage to your property. They’ll also damage your AC over time.

There are some AC maintenance steps you can do to deal with condensation. But you have to know the situations that cause it to prevent damage to certain parts. It is often a symptom of imbalanced temperature or internal issues.

Temperature Differences

Condensation in your AC ducts comes from differences in temperature in the air and ducts, plus high humidity. Over time, they can lead to AC repair. The main treatment is duct insulation to shield them from outside temperatures

AC duct insulation ensures the two opposing temperatures don’t go against each other. Insulation protects the ducts from this differential. It stops humidity in the air from interacting with the cold air inside the ducts.

However, other internal issues can lead to this temperature gap. While insulation can treat its condensation effects, it won’t resolve these issues. You still need professional AC services to address them.

Main Causes of HVAC Condensation

Poor air distribution in your AC ducts is the main cause of the wide temperature gap that leads to condensation. Its causes range from slow or malfunctioning fans, duct blockages, dirty HVAC filters, or leaks. These issues will also strain and damage your unit.

Problems with your evaporator coils will also affect proper cold air distribution. Any damage or malfunction that causes refrigerant leaks will affect the proper output of cold air. This also leads to condensation drops of water in the ducts.

You need immediate AC replacement parts installed ASAP. Otherwise, you will continue to get condensation and not treat the actual source of the issue.

You need to call Top Notch Heating and Air Conditioning to address the real issue behind duct condensation. We are local HVAC specialists who can deal with the root of your AC issues once and for all. Deal with the issues and not only the symptoms with our expertise.

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