The Effects of Dirty Filters on Health and AC Performance

The Effects of Dirty Filters on Health and AC Performance

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Air filters in your HVAC system process air for heating and cooling. Its most important role also involves the air quality. Whether it’s a heater or an AC installation in Bowling Green, KY, it is a major part of your comfort and health.

The air quality in your home can involve several elements in the air. It can have dust particles, pollen, allergens, human and pet hair, and other small and minute elements. This is why you need routine AC maintenance for filters and air passages.

The Health Risks of a Dirty Filter

You need an HVAC or AC replacement filter or at least deep cleaning every 3 months. This is enough time for an AC or HVAC system to accumulate all kinds of particles and dust.

A dirty and clogged filter can spread different kinds of air particles. They can result in allergies and asthma attacks and trigger other respiratory issues. Filer replacement or cleaning should be part of regular AC services and may even depend on its heavy use.

Effects on Your AC Performance

Blocked filters will also reduce airflow and affect your AC performance. You will end up with early AC repair for forcing your units to work under constant stress. These filters not only cause health risks but also issues with how well your system circulates air.

The HVAC or AC system has to work harder to achieve optimal temperatures. The strain will increase your bills from 5% up to 15% according to Not to mention, it will also lead to eventual damage and big costs behind it.

When it comes to reliable local HVAC services you can call Top Notch Heating and Air Conditioning. Filters and air passages play a bigger role than you think in your HVAC. We will provide professional services and tune-ups for your systems to work at peak levels.

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