Get the Maximum Benefit From Your New Home’s AC System

Get the Maximum Benefit From Your New Home’s AC System

AC system inside a home Bowling Green, KY

Whether you’ve just purchased a brand-new home or recently settled into a residence that’s new to you, it’s in your best interests to familiarize yourself with the AC system so that you can count on being cool and comfortable during the Kentucky summer heat.

Top Notch Heating and Air Conditioning is a leader when it comes to AC installation in Bowling Green, KY, and we’d like to offer the following tips on operating and caring for your new home’s AC unit.

Familiarize Yourself With the System

Having relevant information about your new AC system at your fingertips will come in handy if you ever need AC repair work. Write down the manufacturer’s name found on the outside unit, locate the system’s interior components and note the likely pathways of hidden ductwork for future reference.

Take Care of Routine Maintenance Tasks

Although most AC services require the expertise of a trained technician, there are a few actions that a knowledgeable homeowner can take to care for their system. Proper airflow is critical, so the unit’s filters should be changed regularly. In addition, vents, thermostats, and the external unit itself should be kept free from any type of obstruction. The unit’s drain line should also be inspected and cleaned regularly to prevent water leaks and damage to surrounding areas.

Don’t Overlook Professional Servicing

It can be easy to let periodic AC maintenance slide, but your system will benefit from a seasonal or annual visit with a member of our skilled team. Our expertise allows us to identify and take care of problems early so that more costly, time-consuming repairs can be avoided later on.

Make Top Notch Heating and Air Conditioning your choice for AC installation, AC replacement, or any other service related to your new home’s air conditioning system in Glasgow, KY by booking a service with us today!

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