Five Features to Look For When Shopping For a New AC

Five Features to Look For When Shopping For a New AC

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Air Conditioners make our houses into comfortable homes. They also beat the summer heat better than fans or other cooling appliances. It is important to survey your AC choices carefully before buying a new AC. Before booking an AC installation in Bowling Green, KY, look at these important features that Top Notch Heating & Air Conditioning listed as a basic guide.

Energy efficiency ratings

When buying a new AC replacement, look for a high SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating. This means it consumes less energy when cooling your home. ACs with this feature may cost more, but the lower electricity consumption will save you money.

The right AC cooling capacity

Most AC services will tell you to match the airconditioner’s cooling capacity first to the room size. If the AC is too small, its cooling capability will be insufficient. An AC that’s too powerful for a small room will cost you bigger electricity bills.

Advanced features

Many air conditioners include special features that benefit the customers’ wants and needs. Buy the AC system that matches your needs and lifestyle. AC units with apps and smartphone controls are great for convenience. An AC with programmable settings can schedule your usage and help you save on energy bills.

AC noise output

It is wise to gauge the output noise level of your new AC before committing to it. You must also know its best possible locations, to avoid noise issues at home or with your neighbors. Planning its location and knowing its noise levels will prevent noise issues in the long run.

Warranty and Maintenance Terms

Don’t forget to check on the AC warranty and the terms and conditions. These will help you with any operational issues in the future. A good servicing deal will help you with minor AC repairs and maintenance.

These features we’ve discussed will help you get the most out of your new AC. You will also need efficient AC maintenance and care. Local AC services company Top Notch Heating & Airconditioning will do the job right. Call us today for AC installation and maintenance services.

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